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December 9, 2017

Blue Pumpkin Revisited

By Maryanna Gabriel

"Blessed are you pilgrim, because you have discovered that the authentic
'camino' begins when you are home."
-Beatitudes of the Pilgrim (from a church along the Camino de Santiago) 

     If you remember, and if you have been following this story, I was telling you about the blue pumpkin I had purchased once I arrived home.  I am getting to the bottom of the mystery as I cut into it. What colour is the blue pumpkin inside? You must all be in suspense. I know I am.

      As I carve, I contemplate. A friend has died. Another here on the island is seriously ill. My grand daughter is being born. The deer have eaten the Swiss Chard. I clean out drawers. A group of women who I have known for years do not believe I don't have blisters. I take off my shoes to show them. People ask me questions that are difficult to answer in under ten words before their eyes glaze over and they change the subject. I find that there is a signature within that is much more stark, like being at the brink of death or is it rather birth - where there isn't time for a bunch of nonsense and simultaneously and in contradiction to this, nonsense feels very important. What is not true falls away and as I was to write in my journal "all rubbish is going out in the trash. End of story." Living life lightly is a serious matter and one I am enjoying and getting much better at. And so I put up the Christmas lights and let go even more. Thank you dear readers for being here with me and may your own Camino's be ever so savoury.

     The interior of the blue pumpkin is....? a brilliant orange, much like a fleshy and rather juicy cantaloupe. I am guessing it tastes sweet.