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March 1, 2021

Best Before Date

 By Maryanna Gabriel

I seem to have hit my best before date. All of this sitting and writing is making my knees creak. C'mon, I tell myself, you can't just sit all day and bandy words about this way and that. The body is meant to move. How many urges to get up and move have I stifled in order to meet deadlines? Many. The body is forgiving but it only goes so far. I may have hit my best before date. 

This morning the vacuum cleaner is poised in the kitchen midway through the job. I shut it off because I thought of a sentence that needed to be added to the book I am working on. I am hoping I can finish the living room soon. Hard to say. Sentences appear unbidden. 

It is strange to be writing about walking and sit while doing it. On the good side, this time of year when time seems to stand still and I feel like I am getting nowhere, the season is shifting. It is spring. A nearby plum tree is in blossom. Progress is being made.

The flowers had almost made it through but the last cold snap did them in. The robin who was beating away at the window has fluttered off to more fecund fields, presumably an actual robin, to nest with. This is good.

I find poles help. Well, off I go then.  Vacuuming, writing,, or is that walking?