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July 17, 2019

Salt Spring Tootle ll

By Maryanna Gabriel

This morning we are in a deluge. Yesterday was one of those perfect blue and breezy summer days. My friend and I were headed to Earth Candy Farm which is a place I have never heard of. We drove to where she thought it was and nothing. We pulled over to clarify the location. Yes, we were in the right place. We tried again. The drive was unmarked with sign or number. By my calculations we had found it. My friend urged me forward. Without her at this point I would have fled.

Do you remember the Frances Hodgson Burnett story about the attic where the young girl walks through a door into a secret room filled with Persian carpets and treasure? That was what this experience was like. We parked, rounded a corner and a playground of young children greeted us. Beyond was clearly a large enclosure filled with vegetables and food items and then a chalkboard promising chai and other wonders. The sun shone and flowers aligned tables and walls. Behind us were two huge market gardens of jaw dropping proportion. Everything was robustly thriving, practically glowing with energy. People of all ages were coming and going. I recognized some locals.
We took it all in. The only sensible thing to do was sit down. Of course one has to have a Golden Seal Milk Latte decorated with rose petals. We ordered a vegan cake made with potato starch and almond flour. It was delicious. 

In the afternoon a walk to the Tuesday Farmer's Market along the harbour....

Salt Spring Island Tuesday Market is just produce. The Saturday market has crafts as well. 

Salt Spring Ice Cream lavender raspberry should be on everybody's bucket list. I am telling you the truth. I take my ice cream very seriously and eating it was sublime. It takes a guest from "off island" to get me out of my garden. I might have to go back to try the cherry almond crunch. 

July 16, 2019

Salt Spring Tootle

By Maryanna Gabriel

The writing course is done and I made it past such existential questions as "Why write?" This question is a bit like "Why am I here?" Moving on. Recently a friend visited me and dragged me away from my mind pool of pondering and we tootled about town. The result was a wonderful day on Salt Spring Island. You would think living here this wouldn't be new to me but it was.

We stopped at the wonderful Duthie Gallery (Celia Duthie formerly of Duthie Books in Vancouver). The landscape featured many surprises.

Michael Dennis is a Hornby Island artist. I love this. "The Visitors" $3.000

The gallery is conjoined with Francis Bread which has a cafe featuring bakery items.

 Inside in the bakery I had a rhubarb spritzer and we shared a piece of cake. We found dehydrated garlic scapes as a featured condiment on our table. 

  This amazing stump is made entirely of wicker with interwoven strands.

Laura Keil - "Wool Gathering" 

Salt Spring Island artist, Ron Crawford's "Tree Necklace", only $2,000. Every driveway needs one. Might have to wait on this purchase.

Bullock Lake Farm was in the process of garlic preparation. I am happy to say my own crop of garlic is pretty good this year.

Bullock Lake Farm specializes in flowers. We had a delicious outdoor breakfast of Eggs Benedict served on polenta with farm salad. 

Today my friend is back. She is taking me to a farm I have never been to before. I will bring my camera and report back to you.