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February 21, 2015

Surprise! High Tea In Lake Louise

Without Really Meaning To
I Found Myself In Lake Louise
By Maryanna Gabriel

Whilst dreaming of palm trees I found myself quite by surprise in a snowy playground. It all happened so quickly. Without really meaning to I found myself in Lake Louise with my family. It was a winter wonderland. Skaters were pirouetting on the ice, horse-drawn sleighs were making the rounds, drinks and food were being served at outdoor fires. Myself and my daughters edged towards the carved ice castle that was on the lake with that world famous view as a back drop (I refuse to use the word iconic). We were all smiling and turning around 360 degrees taking it all in. It felt like a vortex of happy energy as people were clearly enjoying themselves. My spirits lifted as the sun played peekaboo with the clouds. Leaving the men to snowshoe and ski, we reconnoitered in the chateau for high tea. It was rather sublime. I find that sometimes the best and most remarkable experiences are those that are unexpected and unplanned.

"It is better to keep an open heart and expect the universe to fill your needs.... 
and surprise me with how my desires will unfold, then step back and 
allow for the surprises." Sonia Choquette

February 11, 2015

A Short Tale Of Four Big Trees And Four Little Clams

By Maryanna Gabriel

I thought to go clam digging. It has been years. I headed with my dog to the side of the island where there is no mill. Key point. As I got onto the beach with my trusty bucket I gazed up and down the rocky ocean shore. I decided to head south. As we turned, a lurching crash assailed my ears. Four trees had suddenly fallen with a huge thunk onto the beach as parts of the road gave way above it. Yikes. We sidled further south. Calmly I began to dig. And dig. I found four clams. No kidding. Is this a commentary on my cosmopolitan islet? As I stood over my stove making pasta later that night I knew these four clams would be the finishing touch to a great puttenesca alle vongole. It kind of hit me the twist of a turn that led myself and Lexie away from what could have been  a disaster. It may have been the gleam of a promising strand that guided me and thank goodness for that.