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December 27, 2020

Hope 2021

By Maryanna Gabriel

Hellebore or Christmas Rose

One aspect the 2020 year has taught us, is that we do not know what we even had. I am talking about simple things. Like a hug. Mobility. Shared feasts. 

I am trying to apply this principle of simplicity today to what I do have. People who love and care. A setting of natural beauty with clean water. A toasted turkey sandwich with sprouts. The flower I found blooming in the garden.

If I could, I would plant Hellebores or Christmas Roses everywhere as a sign of hope and new beginnings. May their beauty bloom for us all.

December 3, 2020


 By Maryanna Gabriel

Hygge is a word meaning contentment with one's environment, associated with Denmark and Norway. They have the dark we experience in Canada, and as we near solstice, I am taking a leaf from their book and making things as inviting around here as I can. 

I figure if I need to be in my home without the usual Christmas hubbub, I might as well make it cosy. I have been busy placing soft lights, candles, wood for the fire, extra heaters, and interesting books and magazines, beside fluffy blankets and poufy pillows. I even went over the kitchen on a counter-clearing spree that was fairly astonishing, and polished the copper. Oh. And I oiled the wood surfaces. It is fairly gleaming. 

Then of course, there is comfort food, and taking time for creating delicious meals whether company is present or not. My thought is to make dishes served in warm places to give me that tropical feeling, anything involving mangoes, oranges, or coconut milk, for instance. 

Interesting white trucks are going up and down the road delivering packages. My porch has quite nice feng shui with a holly swag and a fetching chair for presents in case these elves come. If we are missing family and friends, gotta stay on the bright side. Right?