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April 25, 2014

Dog TV

By Maryanna Gabriel

In need of some relaxation, I was out for dinner last night at a local restaurant and I found myself realizing we are not so far off of what I call dog television. My dog watches me eat with the same intensity and concentration as I might watch an interesting documentary. She is kind of sociable about it. She knows I do not really like it when she stares at me (I feed her first) so she has learned to look nonchalantly into space when she feels my gaze upon her. I appreciate her consideration and sensitivity to me. As I was dining last night I realized my fellow diners and I were surreptitiously observing one another in similar fashion, red or white wine, that special looks good, where do I know that face from, that sort of thing, but similarly averting our gazes as if none of the covert glances were taking place. It is a social activity I have decided not so far off dog television. In the medieval era the poor of London gathered to watch the king eat, as course by course was served. When the king left the table, candies were thrown to the starving masses. I could not have borne that if I was that king. It would have given me indigestion but I suppose some people have the stomach for that sort of thing and the entertainment of the day. I cannot help but feel we may not be as civilized as we think but I might be going to the dogs with how I am filtering my evening.