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September 21, 2014


By Maryanna Gabriel

"The peace and quiet of this dear place is very sweet to me.
There is no place on earth I love, or ever will love, as I do it."
L.M. Montgomery

... the peace and quiet of this dear place...
I have been slowly reviving. What struck me immediately upon my return was how beautiful everything is. It is a good way to feel and I am not sure why this realization continuously surprises me. Perhaps it is because travel gives me a basis for comparison and perhaps even more because I underestimate the gifts and blessings I have been given. Today I went on a quick errand which meant traversing the perimeter of the famous Saturday Market here. The errand should have taken twenty minutes but that short walk took two hours. Why? The chats and engaging exchange of news with goodly folk met upon the way. We all agreed it was surprising there was even parking as the sun shone and the harbour waters glistened. I realized as I came back into my driveway where the remarkably huge firs and cedars surround me, that in addition to the beauty and sense of community, the deep roots of home are remarkably reassuring. Gosh it feels good to stop moving.