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March 23, 2014

Trusting Oneself

From The "Picnic Calendar 2015"
Working on a creative project is a path fraught with peril at times. One has to cross a canyon of ghosts, demons, negative self talk and a labyrinth of choices that the artistic mind meanders through in the pulling together of a project. If one is terribly brave the claws that catch no longer hold as inspiration takes the lead and the excitement of how it is all shaping up takes fire in the soul. At a certain point there is no turning back. I have been working on the calendar that my mother and I started and I have had to swallow my grief on many levels and turn it around into something productive. It is a little about taking inspiration from her because my colourful mother was filled with flair, a woman who easily filled up the room. For me the process has been about listening to my own soul and individuating from her to find my own pace, my own style, and my own voice. In a way we are working together and in a way like any daughter leaving the home of her mother, we decorate the new rooms of our creation in a way that makes us feel good and inspired. This is not just about the creative process, this is also about the mosaic and fabric of our individuality within the context of where we come from and where we go forth from that in a constructive way. One has to trust oneself.