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April 21, 2019

Tidy Easter Sunday Thoughts

By Maryanna Gabriel

     I keep getting blogs on my mind, time passes and none get posted. Today feels like a nice quiet time to put some thoughts together.

Rare Fawn Lily Blooming In My Garden

     With spring officially here it is a natural time to be clearing and cleaning. Is it just me or is everybody onto Marie Kondo and living minimally? A friend of mine has been watching this Netflix series on tidying. I recently visited her and she proudly showed me her underwear drawer. I stared with astonishment as row after tidy row of dainties were folded vertically in perfect alignment. It made me deeply uneasy. My eyes sweep fondly over my own rooms where paintings and photographs jostle for position. It feels harmonious and beautiful to my eyes. If my underwear drawer was supposed to look like hers I think I would break out into a cold sweat. It would show. I would be smiling tightly when you spoke to me and I would be saying things like I think my blood pressure is off. I just wouldn't be right. 

     I come by my sentiments honestly. I was raised by a mother who loathed cleaning and hired housekeepers at every available opportunity which was a mercy to us. She was part of a generation that was rebelling against the stereotype of what the role of a wife and mother was. I picked up that flag and went further with it in my own understanding of what my role was. The priorities of life rearranged themselves and somehow my family and I managed. In a recent communique another friend wrote to me that she would rather muck out a horse stall than clean an oven. I couldn't agree more. My task today is to procrastinate further on the dusting and work in my garden. I have the most beautiful and rare Fawn Lily presenting itself on this peaceful Easter Sunday. My rows are very tidy.