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January 9, 2021

Getting Ready To Bloom

 By Maryanna Gabriel

In between storm fronts we have had some deceptively mild weather and the plants are confused. There are signs of spring everywhere even although it is mid January. This morning I walked along an ocean pathway where a pale pink rose nodded towards me. 

I looked closely at my garden when I came home. Geraniums and primroses are budding and this picture is of a clematis getting ready to bloom.

Like my garden, I have been all over the place. I am getting ready to talk about the book I am working on with agents this week. These are New York agents. It seems a bit scary.

I am trying to be calm. 

Every Little Bit Helps

 By Maryanna Gabriel

With the uproar south of our border I felt a need to walk the shock off. I passed some beer cans clustered around the rural post box and thought for the millionth time I should pick them up. I managed to ignore the thought and made my way around the bend, as one is wont to do. I passed a woman with a bag around her shoulder. She stooped and picked up a small piece of garbage.

"Are you picking up garbage?" I asked. She nodded.

"I do that sometimes too." My jaw hardened. I made my way back to the postbox and grabbed a rubber glove from the car and picked them up. "Y'All" logos were  wrapped around their sides. Today the proceeds went to the Foodbank. 

I have a friend in Tasmania who sent me this photo. It is a good way of feeling constructive in this world. She says she gets a lot of free coffee.

January 1, 2021

Pajama Business

By Maryanna Gabriel

Solstice brought a surprise snow storm and with it a loud crack. A tree came down on the property.  

I awoke yesterday, to the sound of a chainsaw. I was so excited, I ran out the door in my pajamas. I was determined to catch this man who was clearing across the way. He just smiled and looked as though talking to people in their pajamas was completely normal and agreed to come. By the time I was dressed, he had arrived. He cut the tree in a jiff and cheerfully helped with stacking the wood. I had a bit of money and of course, a jar of blackberry jam for him. 

A good start to the new year.