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October 1, 2020


 By Maryanna Gabriel

I had something lovely, an opal necklace, given to me when I got married. It was from my parents-in-law. I wear it often and deeply treasure it. When I got home I was unpacking as one is wont to do, and realized it was missing from my bag.

I felt sick. I thought back to the steps I had taken and knew it was gone. Have you ever gone through this? Lost something precious and tried not to feel awful? I realized it was a small stone but it was given and received in love. I felt bereft. 

I though about the forest fires on the western American coast and of the people who had lost everything in the recent rampage, and contemplated loss for a long while. I still had my  home and many did not. I let go. 

A day or two went by. I was standing in my bedroom. At the exact moment I was considering revisiting the coffee shop, one ferry and three hours away to look for it, my eye caught something. There it was. By my bed. On the floor. The very opal. 

Oh my. Don't ask me. I haven't taken it off since.