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January 9, 2021

Every Little Bit Helps

 By Maryanna Gabriel

With the uproar south of our border I felt a need to walk the shock off. I passed some beer cans clustered around the rural post box and thought for the millionth time I should pick them up. I managed to ignore the thought and made my way around the bend, as one is wont to do. I passed a woman with a bag around her shoulder. She stooped and picked up a small piece of garbage.

"Are you picking up garbage?" I asked. She nodded.

"I do that sometimes too." My jaw hardened. I made my way back to the postbox and grabbed a rubber glove from the car and picked them up. "Y'All" logos were  wrapped around their sides. Today the proceeds went to the Foodbank. 

I have a friend in Tasmania who sent me this photo. It is a good way of feeling constructive in this world. She says she gets a lot of free coffee.