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November 15, 2020


 By Maryanna Gabriel

It feels as though something momentous has passed, maybe it is the election south of us, or maybe it is all my assignments being handed in, as though a huge weight has lifted. The other night when I found my front door swinging widely I didn't notice it had smashed into one of my favourite pots and broken it. It was a special container as it had a raised lizard wrapped around it that was sculptural in quality. I have been trying to understand if I could fix it.

 Someone reminded me of kintsugi. Wikipedia writes this is "golden joinery that treats breakage and repairs as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise." The result is far more beautiful. It has occurred to me that I can apply kintsugi to many events in my life. Events both traumatic and beautiful, have been a golden joinery of the soul.